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If doula work is desired I would love to serve you in this way. I have started 2 doula programs in large hospitals in 2 states starting in the late 70s. I have also started a doula training program and love to practice what I preach :-) !

I will bring a doula birth kit to assist you which will include music, speakers, ess oils, massage tools, and other comfort measures to pamper the mom. Doulas are know to lower c-sec rate and make natural childbirth (if desired) much more likely to obtain.

I serve a 2 hr radius of Greenville  SC . I charge $500.which covers 2 visits during pregnancy, phone calls,  delivery time and a postpartum visit. A back up doula will be available at all times and will be covered by me if necessary.

Birth photos will be done as desired and can be put right on your laptop right after the birth .

Free consultation

I am glad to meet with folks wanting to chat about homebirth. Bring a list of questions and we can do a prenatal visit too if you are wanting that.