Home Birth


Lisa with a client where she delivered the client AND her  baby  over last 25 years !

Philosophy and Responsibility of Midwives


I believe that childbirth is a normal and natural event which, left to nature, will proceed to an uncomplicated end in most cases. I believe that the midwife’s job is to assist the birthing couple in the journey through pregnancy, labor and birth by monitoring the natural process.

Cases involving complications which, in our judgment, cannot be handled safely in the home will be referred to the designated back-up physician according to SC law and the Midwives wisdom.

I also believe that childbirth is a family-centered event and that the midwife’s role is to enhance, not usurp, the family’s power of unity. Except where there is an issue concerning the safety of the mother or child, we believe that the parents should have the experiences that they desire and we encourage specific parental requests regarding the birth experience.

Pain control is handled by loving support  and natural means such as movement , massage, peaceful environment and support by the birth team.

Prenatal care will be done every month untill 32 weeks  then every 2 weeks untill 36 weeks then weekly with at least 1 visit done at home in last 6 weeks. A minimum of 1 home visit will also be done at 24-36 hrs after the birth .

Client responsibilities

Client will need to be low risk to deliver at home.

She will need to have 2 Dr or CPM visits as required by law in S.C. (One being between 34-37 weeks ).She will need to get a prescription for Pitocin to have on hand for possible PPH.

She will alert the Midwife of any complications and possible labor as needed.

Fee will be paid by 37 weeks as Midwife will be on call from 37 weeks on to delivery.

Prenatal lab work will be done as required by law.

Client will agree to follow laws for prenatal care, consulting and possible transport according to SC laws and advice of the Midwife.

Supplies needed for home birth will be ready at 37 weeks .



Free consultation

I am glad to meet with folks wanting to chat about homebirth. Bring a list of questions and we can do a prenatal visit too if you are wanting that.