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I’ve known I wanted to be a Midwife since 1975 when I was pregnant with my first baby at age 15. I moved to The Farm in Tennessee after the baby was born to start training. Little did I know it wouldn’t be that easy. I did get to take pictures for Spiritual Midwifery and other books, but didn’t get to start training until I lived in California at age 17. I was then living with a previous Farm Midwife and went to my first birth to assist while I was in early labor myself with a breech! Later the next day, I ended up with a C-section for failure to progress. I then moved to Texas and trained with many different Midwives and had my third boy there at age 21(VBAC almost in the hospital parking lot). Soon after, I became a Christian and have been serving God ever since.
After taking the EMT class and the Association of Texas Midwives course, I started practicing in Texas. Eventually, I relocated to South Carolina as midwifery is legal here and there was only one other midwife in the state. I have been licensed here and training midwifery students since 1985. See  Midwife To Be course and Doula To Be course.

Lisa Has trained many of the SC Lic Midwives over the last 30 years and works with many of them and also occasionally delivers babies at some of the local birth centers. Lisa and her Midwife friends back each other up and help each other with deliveries as needed.
I am married to Chris, Mother to 3 boys and 1 girl (born on my birthday weighing 10 lbs 14 oz, my first home birth).I have 7 grandchildren and also got to deliver  2 of them  ! My hobbies are Bible study , sewing, mosaic tile work, gardening, mixed media crafts, photography, health food, camping and taking Midwives and Midwife students to the poor hospitals oversees to deliver babies in developing nations including Haiti, Uganda and the Dominican Republic.

Free consultation

I am glad to meet with folks wanting to chat about homebirth. Bring a list of questions and we can do a prenatal visit too if you are wanting that.